Plastic spill pallets

Plastic spill pallets for storing acids and alkalis


 Plastic spill pallets for the ideal storage of your hazardous materials

Plastic spill pallets are completely corrosion proof. They are ideally suited for the storage of aggressive media.  Our  plastic spill pallets are seamlessly made out of environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE). This provides a high level of resistance against acids, alkalis and also against oils. Our plastic spill pallets conform to the requirements of the WHG  (Water Resources Law).

Plastic spill pallets are available as a ground level spillage decking section, as an accessible version with forklift pockets or as a mobile version with rollers.

There’s also a wide range of sizes available. From designs for the storage of a single drum to those with the capacity to store 2 IBCs or 8 drums, you’ll find a wide range of products available. Plastic spill pallets can be selected with polyethylene or galvanised steel grids depending on the medium and containers to be stored. Designs with supports for the direct storage of IBCs or pallets are also available.