Dispensing stations

Which dispensing station is right for you?

AbfüllstationDispensing stations for the safe dispensing of hazardous materials

Like spill pallets, dispensing stations are available in steel (painted/galvanised) and plastic (polyethylene – PE) versions. They consist of spill pallets and drum mounts and are ideally suited to the dispensing of water-polluting liquids from drums or IBCs into small containers.

Polyethylene dispensing stations are used for acids and alkalis and their steel equivalents are used for water-polluting and  flammable liquids. Ensuring filling is carried out over the sump, a dispensing station offers protection from environmental damage. The range of dispensing stations is completed by numerous alternatives for any requirement and our extensive range of accessories.

Here you’ll find dispensing stations for drums and IBCs. Our extensive range of dispensing stations covers dispensing stations for a 60 litre drum to designs for four 205 litre drums. The IBC dispensing station has the capacity to store between one and three IBCs.