Steel Spill pallets

Steel spill pellets for the storage of water-polluting or combustible materials

30. August 2013

Steel spill pallets

StahlauffangwanneSafe and approved storage of hazardous materials

Here you’ll find the widest range of steel spill pallets on the market. Steel spill pallets in both galvanised and painted versions are used for the storage of water-polluting or combustible materials, for example oils or paints.

Our range of steel spill pallets is extensive. Whether you’re storing small containers, 205 litre drums or IBCs: from an individual container to the storage of up to 8 IBCs, the most diverse range of storage solutions are available for your in-house needs.  As with all the other material designs, steel spill pallets are also available as a spilling decking section, as an accessible version or on rollers. Depending on how you wish to store your containers, place them on a galvanised steel grid or directly in the spill pallet.


30. August 2013

Plastic spill pallets


 Plastic spill pallets for the ideal storage of your hazardous materials

Plastic spill pallets are completely corrosion proof. They are ideally suited for the storage of aggressive media.  Our  plastic spill pallets are seamlessly made out of environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE). This provides a high level of resistance against acids, alkalis and also against oils. Our plastic spill pallets conform to the requirements of the WHG  (Water Resources Law).

Plastic spill pallets are available as a ground level spillage decking section, as an accessible version with forklift pockets or as a mobile version with rollers.

There’s also a wide range of sizes available. From designs for the storage of a single drum to those with the capacity to store 2 IBCs or 8 drums, you’ll find a wide range of products available. Plastic spill pallets can be selected with polyethylene or galvanised steel grids depending on the medium and containers to be stored. Designs with supports for the direct storage of IBCs or pallets are also available.


30. August 2013

Stainless steel spill pallets

EdelstahlauffangwanneStainless steel spill pallets

Stainless steel spill pallets offer long term protection against corrosion when storing aggressive liquids, for example acids or alkalis.

Stainless steel sumps are available in two designs: as a spillage decking section for use at ground level or an accessible variant with forklift truck pockets for secure transportation inside your work area. Choose between two versions of stainless steel spill pallet: with steel or stainless steel grid. Stainless steel sumps with the capacity to store from 1 to 8 x 205 litre drums or for 1 to 2 x IBCs are available.


30. August 2013

Spillage decking

BodenwanneSpillage decking for safe pallet storage

Here you’ll find an extensive range of spillage decking suitable for direct, ground level storage on the floor or on a pallet.

The range goes from laboratory spill pallets for the storage of small containers, for example swimming pool chemicals, through the larger sized WHW spill pallets for larger storage areas, to complete room fittings and surface protection systems.



30. August 2013

Spill pallets

Auffangwanne zur sicheren Lagerung von GefahrstoffenSpill pallets for the safe storage of hazardous materials

We have a wide range of solutions for the responsible handling of hazardous materials. If you need to store water-polluting  liquids, our sumps offer the necessary safety.

Depending upon the stored substance, spill pallets made of different materials are used to  ensure optimal resistance to the stored medium. Steel spill pallets are suited to the safe storage of water-polluting and flammable materials. Forklift pockets increase mobility and make the sumps easier to transport. Steel spill pallets without forklift pockets can be used as spillage decking sections for ground level storage or for placing on a pallet. Plastic spill pallets are especially suitable for safely storing many acids and alkalis, but also for storing oils. Stainless steel sumps are used in the storage of aggressive chemicals in drums and small containers. Integrated forklift pockets ensure maximum flexibility and ease of movement. Dispensing stations offer you optimum protection when filling and dispensing. They help to prevent dripping, protecting against contamination of the ground and the penetration of water-polluting substances into groundwater.
Tips for the storage of hazardous materials on spill pallets:

Spill pallets must be able to collect the content of the largest container plus at least 10% of the total volume. The storage of hazardous materials in water protection areas must be authorised.  In order to be granted authorisation, the spill pallets in use must be large enough to collect the total volume.

30. August 2013

Dispensing stations

AbfüllstationDispensing stations for the safe dispensing of hazardous materials

Like spill pallets, dispensing stations are available in steel (painted/galvanised) and plastic (polyethylene – PE) versions. They consist of spill pallets and drum mounts and are ideally suited to the dispensing of water-polluting liquids from drums or IBCs into small containers.

Polyethylene dispensing stations are used for acids and alkalis and their steel equivalents are used for water-polluting and  flammable liquids. Ensuring filling is carried out over the sump, a dispensing station offers protection from environmental damage. The range of dispensing stations is completed by numerous alternatives for any requirement and our extensive range of accessories.

Here you’ll find dispensing stations for drums and IBCs. Our extensive range of dispensing stations covers dispensing stations for a 60 litre drum to designs for four 205 litre drums. The IBC dispensing station has the capacity to store between one and three IBCs.